Votre panier est vide



  • Increase the trigger time ( PIR interval) between detections to reduce the number of photos.
  • Decrease the length of videos.
  • Make sure the batteries are fully charged and check their charge with a tester.
  • Note that cold weather can shorten battery life.
  • Avoid the use of low quality alkaline and rechargeable batteries and avoid mixing different brands as battery life may be affected.
  • Try another brand of batteries and/or opt for lithium batteries or an external 6V power supply.


  • Install the camera on a solid surface, small trees are prone to moving with the wind, which can cause false triggers.
  • Clean in front and around the detection area; remove branches, tall grass and anything that might be inclined to move and trigger the camera.
  • Sunlight and draft of hot air can also cause false triggering. You will then have to position the camera differently.
  • Opt to install it in the North direction or if this is not possible opt for the South, avoid the East and West directions.
  • Lower the sensitivity of your camera's detector (PIR Trigger)
  • Make sure that the (Time Lapse) mode is turned off because this function is used to receive photos in a predetermined time even with no movement or detection.

When the camera's charge or battery level is low, it automatically reduces the length of videos.

It will be necessary to replace the batteries and change or charge the external power supply.

Your camera is not broken.

The visible moving part is an IR-Cut filter and is designed to float freely when not in use.

During the day, the camera uses the IR-Cut filter to filter out IR light ( fully covering the lens) So it does not distort the colors of images as the human eye sees them.

When the camera is in night mode, the IR-Cut filter is removed, allowing the camera to work fully in the dark.


IR-Cut filter


This is an Excel file that allows yout to evaluate your consumption by selecting a camera model, the type of power supply as well as the number of photos taken during the day and at night.

Excel - Calcul consommation caméras